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A Woman’s Place – we’re making history.

It was cold. It was snowy. TBH it was bloody freezing on the evening of the ‘A Woman’s Place‘ event. My friend missed her first train, so I hung around at the station; lured by the smell I popped into … Continue reading

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What we need is education.

It never bodes well when people are ordered not to read something. Throughout history, great thinkers, philosophers and academics have always encouraged reading widely: it provokes thought, discussion and diversity. Those who don’t want us to think for ourselves, educate … Continue reading

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TranSage – the tale of Chrissie & Nigel

This is Chrissie. Chrissie is TranSage. Chrissy was born in 1973, but she doesn’t feel 45. She’s always hung out with people younger than herself, using the same slang phrases and jargon as people half her age. Chrissie knows all … Continue reading

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“Ban it! Bin it! Shred it!” Transgender Trend’s new guidelines for schools & the activists that hate it.

Twitter erupted in a storm today and yesterday with the release of Transgender Trend’s free resource pack  ‘supporting gender non-conforming and trans-identified students in schools’.  Transactivists- mostly late-transitioning men & parents who have chosen to transition their own children- seem … Continue reading

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What makes somebody ‘real’ trans? Part 2 – Kids.

What are the real differences between boys and girls? What really makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl? The boys in these pictures will lead very different lives in very different parts of the world. They will … Continue reading

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Bra-gate – Yellowberry products now ‘for everyone’

“Before a fruit is fully ripened…  it passes through several shades of yellow. Those yellow stages take time, but they are what will eventually create a beautiful berry.”                                                                                                          Megan Grassell So reads the ‘about us’ section on the homepage … Continue reading

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What makes somebody ‘real trans’? Part 1- Adults

“I just have a hard time now seeing anybody as ‘really trans’.” confided a friend the other day, which got me thinking: what makes somebody ‘really’ trans? Let’s try to unpick this. First we need to clarify the difference between … Continue reading

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