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My stint in Twitter jail

Last night I got myself a Twitter ban. I’d never had one before.  There were several windows open on my laptop, and a friend on facebook had posted a picture of Shon Faye’s Twitter feed (see left). Shon & I … Continue reading

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Butterfly 3 – Max to Maxine

The third- and hopefully final- part of ITV’s mini-drama Butterfly hit our screens tonight. (See also my reviews of episodes 1 and 2) Although Vicky hasn’t made time to phone Stephen or Lily,  Max has posted a selfie of himself … Continue reading

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Page 3 – when the battle’s lost and won

On the bus today, middle-child kicked my foot and rolled her eyes towards the bloke behind me. He was sitting facing her on the seat kitty-corner to hers. I looked over. He was reading a folded-over tabloid newspaper, & a … Continue reading

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Butterfly 2 – in search of puberty blockers

Episode 2 of ‘Butterfly’ hit our screens last night, and what a whirlwind it was. As the opening credits rolled the self-described  ‘truthful and powerfully beautiful drama’ opened with a scan of Max’s dressing table: moving past the snarling dinousaurs … Continue reading

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Butterfly- a view from the cocoon

I watched the first episode of the new ITV drama ‘Butterfly’ with interest and growing discomfort. From the opening credits, where Max removes his lipstick and pink nail polish, to the firm handshakes dolled out by his bearded father, I … Continue reading

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Gender is harmful. My views are not hateful.

Yesterday I was told that my writing could be seen as hateful. The accusation stems from my belief that men cannot ‘become’ women, & that ‘woman’ is a biological descriptor. Nor do I believe a child can be born in … Continue reading

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The Gender Recognition Act & Fair Play for Women – Hands off my Rights!

Have you filled in the government consultation on the Gender Recognition Act? If you’re reading this after 19th October 2018, your chance to do so has passed. If you’re reading this before then, carpe diem. You still have a chance … Continue reading

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