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BIND ME: “I’m feeling ecstatic and scared and mum’s feeling sick” – young women binding.

So wrote one girl on receiving her free binder from the MORF Binder scheme: MORF is a Manchester organisation, established in 2005 for the purpose of helping trans-identified females to support and meet each other. In 2011 MORF started the … Continue reading

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The ‘Snowflake’ books

We are force-feeding kids gender stereotypes and telling them those stereotypes define what it is to be a boy or a girl. That was the message I wanted to get out with my first ‘Snowflake’ book. I’m certainly not the … Continue reading

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“For me, trying to convince myself that I am or could be a woman would be the final sign I had drifted completely into insanity.”

 “You can play the part of a woman, but you cannot be one unless you were born one. A woman is an adult female. Males are not and can never be females.” Jenn Smith I’m so moved by this … Continue reading

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who at the point of application identifies as a woman

Oh Cambridge University, what the very fuck? Et tu, New Hall? Cambridge University’s women-only college, Murray Edwards, is not a college steeped in ancient tradition: it was founded as late as 1954 to to address the fact that Cambridge had … Continue reading

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‘My mother-heart bleeds’

Today I’ve been reading through the 418 comments (and counting) on my ‘Transtopia’ article. That figure doesn’t include replies to comments so I don’t really have an accurate figure on the overall comments made: let’s just call it ‘a lot’. … Continue reading

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