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What’s in a Word?

If Transwomen ARE women, do we need a new word to define the type of humans who are structured to menstruate, give birth & lactate; who have a uterus and breasts and are oppressed because of their biology ? If … Continue reading

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A boy called Nicholas

I was flipping back through some of my old social media posts last night and found this (below) from January 2017.  I’ve been thinking about how some people are shocked or angered by my Twitter tag claim that transitioning kids … Continue reading

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The Twitter Peep Show

I was happy and honoured that the inspiring Robert Webb retweeted me today. My family are all huge fans of ‘Peep Show’:  I’d rather the teens watched that than ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ and luckily so would they.  It’s hilariously … Continue reading

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“Would you like the pink box or the blue box?”

‘Gender roles’ are the ways in which society expects women and men to behave. Gender is both a social construct and a hierarchy. It is confining and restrictive and especially harmful to girls. Gender stereotyping starts from the moment we … Continue reading

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Trans-identified kids & the media – what makes a child transgender?

(Expanded 24/10/17) There is a format to these stories and it is always the same. There is almost always a picture of a child in a pink tutu – either to show how much the garment was loved, or how … Continue reading

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Welcome to Transtopia

If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a search bar on the lower right hand side of the page.   Hi. You’ve reached the blog of Lily Maynard. Welcome. In late 2015, my teenage daughter Jessie declared she was transgender … Continue reading

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